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“There’s a warrant out for my arrest!  What do I do?”

Just because there’s a warrant for your arrest doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to go to jail.  Many options could be available to you:
  • Own Recognizance Release – You could be released on your promise to appear in court at a future date.  We can help you prepare a motion to recall your warrant and request an Own Recognizance release.
  • No Warrant – Sometimes, a person believing they have a pending warrant for their arrest are mistaken.  We can verify with law enforcement whether or not you have a warrant.
  • Post Cash Bail – You can post cash bail to secure your freedom while your case is pending.
  • Post Bail Bond – If you don’t have enough cash to post, a bail bond company can post a bond to secure your freedom while your case is pending.  We can help you find an appropriate bail bond company with low rates and financing.
  • Motion to Dismiss – If the warrant is old an the charges are not too serious, a motion to dismiss for delay in prosecution.  We can help you prepare the paperwork to request the dismissal.
  • Bail Reduction– If your bail is too high, we can help you prepare a motion to recall your warrant and reduce your bail.
  • Attorney Appearance – In many cases, an attorney can appear in court for a defendant without the defendant even having to be present.  This is commonly referred to as a 977 appearance. We can introduce you to attorneys who can help.

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